Soya Chunks 100% Vegetarian


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Nutrela soya chunks are extremely nutritious, healthy and are good sources of protein for vegetarians. Soya chunks are actually defatted soy flour product. This is known as a by-product of soybean oil. … Soya chunks can be added to salads, gravy for rice and can make a healthy nourishing meal.
Dishes cooked with nutrela are very tasty and also have NUTRITIVE natural goodness.Nutrela Mini Soya Chunks is simply completed from 100% soy flour. These chunks are the substitute products of selection when trying to keep away from meat and eggs and finding sources for Protein or which comes under pure vegetarian stuffs. It unifies simply in all types of dishes and spreads their flavour all over. It consist of 54% protein content vs 22% for meat and 14% for eggs. These are even superior for hearts and lower your fats and cholesterol.


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