Share this product Funaden Foods STONE AND DIRT FREE BROWN OLOYIN BEANS-5KG



  • Already picked-stone and dirt free
  • Highly nutritious
  • suitable for all age grades
  • Ideal for baby food when grounded
  • De-stoned
  • Stone Free
  • Dirt Free
  • Clean and Pure
  • 100% Natural
  • and Non-Genetically Modified
  • Full grain
  • Size: 5kg
  •    Nutritious  Stone Free
  • No preservatives
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FUNADEN STONE AND DIRT FREE  is a delicious and stone free rice that does not require further picking or selection before cooking as this has been done already before packaging this beans. It is also very affordable and nutritious. It can be eaten by everyone both young and old, sick and healthy, even diabetes patients can also eat it as it has no starch content in it.

FUNADEN STONE AND DIRT FREE is a premium quality Nigerian grown highly nutritious and protein-rich beans. This beans contain natural nutrients and healthy value with no preservative whatsover. This beans is a premium quality Nigerian grown beans with natural nutritious and healthy which is specifically processed with high quality grains. FUUNADEN STONE AND DIRT FREE  is STONE FREE, fast and easy to cook with an end result that is firm.

This beans is specifically processed and package with high quality grains. It is stone free, fast and easy to cook with a end result that is firm. So treat your family to a sumptuous meal at a very affordable cost. This beans is Nigerian grown beans and highly nutritious.


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