Saranna Global Ofada Rice – 1kg


Key Features

  • Clean and free from stones.
  • High cooked rice volume.
  • Not marshy after cooking.
  • Already dehusked and ready for cooking.
  • Pleasant Ofada rice odour
  • Organic Produce
  • 100% locally sourced, produced and packaged
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Product details

One of the very best and tasty Ofada rice produced in Nigeria. It has a very pleasant ofada aroma, flavour and taste. It has already been dehusked. It is very clean and free from stones, sands, particles and husks. It has a very high cooked rice volume.It does not come out marshy after cooking. It is an organic produce sourced, produced and packaged locally. Saranna Local Ofada Rice is another quality product from Saranna Global.


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