Maranathan Glory Ventures Brown Quality Ofada Rice – 10Kg


  • No Shaft, No stone.
  • ☑️ Full Of Fibre.
  • ☑️ Brown In Color And Unpolished.
  • ☑️ Highly Aromatic.
  • ☑️ Good for Vegetarian.
  • ☑️ No Artificial Processing, No Preservative.
  • ☑️ Ideal For baby Food When Grounded.
  • ☑️ No Artificial Processing or Addictive.
  • ☑️ Regular Intake Lowers High Blood Pressure.
  • ☑️ 100% Local Rice, Planted And Harvested In Nigeria.

Eat Healthy, Live Longer

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Maranathan Ofada Rice

 Is a locally produced brown rice that contains lot of vitamins, minerals and lots of nutritional benefits which includes low cholesterol level which help reduces the risk of heart attack, prevents constipation, high fibre content which aids digestion and lots more. 

Regular intake of Maranathan Ofada rice help in the prevention of diabetes for both young and Old. At Maranathan Glory ventures, we offer stone free,dirt free, hygienically packaged Ofada rice and at affordable price.

The 100% absence of stone makes it easy and fast to cook….



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