LG Portable Audio PK5 With Meridian Technology


Key Features

  • With Meridian Audio’s advanced technologies
  • IPX5 Water Resistant Rating
  • Up to 18 Hours Playback
  • Multi-Color LED Mood Lighting
Exceptional Sound Everywhere
LG XBOOM Go PK5 outputs powerful bass and Meridian’s premium tuning work in synergy to give you quality sound wherever you go. Be amazed every time you hit play.
LG XBOOM Go PK5 meets Meridian technology for premium quality sound. Tune in for a richer, more intense experience with Enhanced Bass and Clear Vocal EQ.
  • Enhanced Bass and Clear Vocal
    Get amazing full range coverage with Meridian technology. Enhanced Bass adds greater depth to your sound for a more immersive audio experience. Clear Vocal fine-tunes the high tones for crisper sound at an enjoyable volume.
  • Powerful Dual Action Bass
    Dual Action Bass amplifies low frequencies for bolder and more powerful beats that will keep the party going.
    Lossless Streaming with aptX HD
    Conveniently pair and listen to music at better than CD quality with LG XBOOM Go. aptX HD delivers 24-bit music over a Bluetooth® connection.
    Long Lasting Battery
    LG XBOOM Go PK5 has a built-in battery that can last up to 18 hours. Party all night without worrying about recharge.
  • Weather-Resistant
    No need to worry about rain dampening or water-side with an IPX5 waterproof protecting rating.
* IPX5 protects against dust and low-pressure water jet spray from any direction.
  • Grab & Go with X-Grip
    X-Grip makes it easy to take your music with you wherever you go. Handgrips on the top and bottom are designed to give you both stability on ground and better portability on foot.
  • Share the Playlist with Multi Bluetooth
    The PK5 lets you to pair two devices at the same time via Bluetooth®. Seamlessly control a playlist with any of connected devices with no interruption to music.
  • Voice Command for Remote Control
    Activate the Google Assistant with the Voice Command button. Pause or play the next track simply with your voice all without touching your smartphone.
* Voice Command feature is also work in iOS.
** Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC.


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