LG Gas Cooker LF68V00S 4 Burners 53Litres Oven Capacity


Gas Cooker, 4 Burners Power(1.0kW – 3.6kW), Dual Heating(Convection & Grill), Rotisserie Grilling, 56litres Oven Capacity
  • Power Convection
  • Rotisserie
  • Dual Heating
  • Catalytic Cleaning
  • Flame Failure Devic
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Power Convection
Power convection shortens your cooking time but makes food taste even better. As it circulates hot air with special fan, surface of food would be crispier, with minimum loss of moist inside.
Dual Heating
Use baking and grill burner together with Dual Heating for oven and grill, LG Cooker offers you more flexibility when you cook.
You can easily cook even large chunk of meat with rotisserie. Be a professional chef for your family with this accessory.
Catalytic Cleaning
It helps you to clean the oven cavity more easily, by absorbing food residues produced during your cooking. Food particles will be oxidized on the condition of over 200 degree centigrade.
Removable Door Glass
With LG Cooker, cleaning the oven door after cooking is not an annoying job to do anymore. Since you need no tool to take off the inner glass, cleaning your oven becomes way easier than ever.
Full Safety
With the flame failure device, LG gas cooker automatically cuts off the gas supply when the flame is extinguished therefore prevents accumulation of unburned gas
Auto Ignition
You can easily ignite LG Gas Cooker burner by pushing the knob slightly before your turn it to your left with just one hand.
High Power Burner by SABAF
LG Gas cooker Burners are super-efficient and powerful. It is ideal when you want to shorten your cooking time and also achieve excellent cooking performance from the gas cooker. It is produced by SABAF which is No.1 Italian burner maker. Burner is most important for gas cooker
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