LG Audio RL3


Key Features

  • 130 Watt Sound
  • Multi Bluetooth
  • Wireless Party Link
  • TV Sound Sync

High Resolution Audio
LG RL3 immerses you in powerful 130-watt, 24bit/96KHz audio. So now you can listen to studio-standard sound at home.
Multi Color Lighting
The RL3 lets you pair 2 devices at the same time. Take turns controlling the playlist and enjoy your music without any interruption or loss of connection.
Be More Immersed with TV Sound Sync
Connect The RL3 to your LG TV via Bluetooth® to experience more impressive, 130-watt sound with all your favorite movies and shows.
Double Your Sound with Wireless Party Link
Link two LG RL3 systems together wirelessly to increase the output to 260 watts. Now enjoy more powerful, more immersive sound.
*This feature does not work with TV audio.


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