List Of Businesses You Can Start With N2000


Do you know that there are businesses you can start with N2000? Well, if you do not know, I will be listing out the businesses you can start with N2000.

Majority of us do not know that with as low as N2000, you can make more money being a working class person or a student. The important thing for you is to find the right source and I have deemed it necessary for you to get equipped with the businesses you can start with N2000. The businesses you can start with N1000 includes;

  1. Sell Sachet Pure Water

Pure water is one of the businesses you can start with N2000 in Nigeria especially in a place like Lagos where there are people around. The important thing is for you not to be ashamed of yourself. For it is better to hustle and make money rather than having pride and not making any money at all.


  1. Sell Pen/Biro

Majority of Nigerians both the educated and uneducated people use biros, and it is seen as a very profitable business in Nigeria especially when you just have N2000. So remove that shame from yourself and get to work by selling biro.


  1. Make Zobo and sell

Zobo is also highly sought after by Nigerians and it is also advisable that you go into the business of producing Zobo and selling it to people. Since Zobo production isn’t expensive, you can as well go into the business and make money from it whenever you sell it.


  1. Sought for customers for business owners

This is one of many businesses you can begin with N2000 or less which is very profitable. When you get a customer who will purchase goods from business owners whom you signed with, they will then pay you for your services. This business does not necessarily need you to have N2000, it could be really less.


  1. Register for NNU/Newspay and so on

Organizations like NNU and Wakanda offers you the opportunity to earn endlessly on their website when you register with a one time fee of N1600. I have once withdrawn over 60,000 from NNU and I registered only with N1600, so If I can make that, why can’t you? Apart from NNU, there are other websites which you can also register with a one time fee but it won’t evade the range of N2000.



This article was written for those who are seeking for businesses you can start with N2000. So why not take advantage of the aforementioned opportunities and become a boss of your own with only N2000. Do well to leave your comments and complaints if you have any.



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