Get a Car with 40K

Taking a cursory look at the  Covid -19 situation globally and in Nigeria, our country, where tens of thousands of people lost their jobs, many are now  underemployed, and recently, slashed salaries Linjust Resources in partnership with an Tokan AUTOMOBILE is presenting an empowerment Initiative that will put smiles on the faces of people, by enabling them become a Car or Business owner in 12months.
To be a beneficiary of this empowerment, all you need do is to pay #40,000, and refer 3 persons who can pay same #40,000..
Please Note: (1) Your 12 months will be activated as soon as you pay, and you get your 3 persons who can do the same within the first 4 months. 
(2) If you are unable to successfully bring 3 persons, your #40K initial payments will be refunded to you after 4 months. 
(3) Participants in this amazing program will qualify for their car  in the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, if they want to continue with our program, they will get other benefits such as fully funded scholarship to a prestigious university abroad in another 12 months, and money to build their own house in the upper 12 months, terms and conditions apply. 
Let’s join hands with Linjust Resources to eradicate poverty in our land, and put smiles on the faces of families, friends, business associates,  graduates, unemployed, underemployed and young people of Nigeria. Please share this interesting, tested and proven opportunity to all and sundry!
Linjust Resources …Touching Lives.
 Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

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